Welcome to Get Heroik.

At Heroik Media, we are passionately addicted to designing, building and managing Heroik Growth Engines for business and life. GetHeroik.com is our culture site and blog.

What is a Growth Engine?

We figure out strategic, proprietary blends of activities, choices, people, and tools together into systems that yield a sustainable competitive advantage for businesses and/or support abundant lifestyles.

What We Do

As a consultancy and media company, we advise, build and manage world-class brands, high tech, strategic systems to drive business growth for organizations seeking to dominate their market.

We offer services to design, build and manage just about every component from Thought to Profit™.  

Who We Work With

World Class Brands -We work with established, authentic, growth-minded, mid-market and enterprise organizations and venture-backed startups seeking to dominate their market. We’re not your typical mom-and-pop, mow, blow and go organization.

Think of it this way, we’re not the company you call to mow your lawn or paint your house. We’re the roughneck company you call to build the skyscraper, transform the team and build pipelines of revenue while working to blow your competition out of the water.

Pro-tip – If you’re looking for really cheap work – check out Fiverr, they are full of small-time players at bargain prices. We are not on Fiverr.

What makes up a system or growth engine?

Here are some of the elements and service areas involved in building a Heroik Growth Engine

  • Strategy – You know, that dirty word, that thing you never write out, and never want to talk about in a meeting. Yeah. We’re some of those people. But we develop strategies (written plans, audible advice, etc.) that we also can execute and implement. We eat our own cooking and prefer to get in the game vs. sit on the sidelines.
    • Goals – You need strategic objectives that make sense for your industry, market, and capabilities, and they need to be set at a pace you can actually meet.
    • Business Plans and  Roadmaps – Not to be confused with that document you used to fool the bankers into giving you a business loan, that you haven’t touched in years. We’re more focused on identifying and mapping the critical activities in your value chain that reinforce others to give you that edge. We can tell you and work with you to design and implement them in your business, and develop your strategic, competitive, marketing position, along with your mission, vision, values,  and purpose in alignment accordingly – using some fancy, much needed TLC, Technology, Leadership, and Culture.
  • Brand Identity – Anyone can slap together a logo, few can create and align an identity and a company and its purpose. Brands are more than logos. They are experiences that shape reputation. We design the entire experience in strategic ways.
  • Brand Narrative – You need a story that makes sense for yourself, your team, your customers and stakeholders.
    • Content Strategy – What is are the commercial teachings you’re making your market aware of to increase engagement with your business vs. your competitors? We can help you develop timeless content that drives business (not clickbait) that you can reuse for years.
  • Experience Design – Do know of any consultancy that designs mud-runs, events, team building methodologies, and all the traditional business ornaments? You do now.  As I mentioned before – brands are experiences.  60% of your profitability is in your brand, regardless of your industry. Are you leveraging it enought?
  • Media Platform – It’s more than a website!
    • Website – all kinds (e-commerce, blogs, membership sites, academies, non-profits; all mobile-first, responsive and designed to drive business goals)
    • Content
    • Social Media presence – Unless it’s part of the game plan, we’re here to drive performance goals, not “awareness”.  We’re biased towards revenue and performance, and do not worship at the altar of the social media gods. Sometimes they’re a great tool, sometimes they’re a money pit! It depends on your business, customer knowledge, and more.
  • Methodology – We have many unique methodologies and use them and others to in turn, design custom methodologies for our clients to help them stand out from the crowd and prevent competitors from reverse engineering or stealing their position.
  • Product Management – We create a lot of assets in the course of our activities, and indeed, entire products for and with our clients. These all need to be managed.
  • Process Optimization – Best practices are often commonly known, and while they help with operational excellence, we have our own playbook of processes and optimization strategies we use to enhance and elevate our client organizations.
  • Executive Coaching – We’re human-centric. Our projects are huge. The stakes are real. Often even the best of us breakdown on the long ascent up the mountain of growth. Don’t worry, we’re steeped in bad-assery techniques in personal development and high performance in high-stress environments as well.

Since much of this work is complicated, and most people try to avoid as much work as possible (be honest), we get involved in building it with our clients, and take on advisory roles, kind of like outside CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), CGO (Chief Growth Officer),

Who Are We


Want Some Corporate Lingo?

Heroik Media is an innovative company that designs experiences to help businesses, people and their ideas elevate, connect and grow from thought to profit. We are a unique band of multidisciplinary professionals who create world-class brands and transformative growth engines. By combining lean management and design thinking, we develop creative solutions that foster high performance and improve quality of life.

What We Do

Our model is based on speak, train, consult, design & build. Our leadership team speaks, trains, consults, designs, collaborates and builds all sorts of things from digital presence, online communities to Mud Runs, brand narratives,  methodologies, and Declaration of Culture for business.

7 Ways We Can Collaborate With You

Beyond speaking, and trainings and books and things, here’s how we transform our clients from thought to profit.

1. Design Amazing, Human-Centric Experiences

Create remarkable experiences that embody the spirit of your brand; that captivate and connect you with the hearts and minds of your customers.

2. Create & Manage Presence

Strategically develop, high-quality content and commercial insights that resonate with your market. Draw your audience into a digital environment where you can earn their focused attention.

3. Develop a World Class Brand

Create an identity worth bragging about; that resonates with your team and your customers. Show the ever unfolding story of  your values in action. Add to the depth of your character and fly your flag high.

4. Build High Performance Culture

Get the most from your team by giving the most to them. Develop the skills, rituals, habits, process, and policies to better serve your team, your customers, and lead your company.

5. Define Your Go To Market Strategy

This ain’t your dad’s Internet Age. The strategies of 10 or even 5 years ago now taste stale to customers and employees alike. You need fresh strategies to help

6. Refine Your Growth Strategy

Revisit your vision and path to growth, create and refine goals that are aligned with your brand, customers, and business objectives. Create a plan that leverages the unique attributes of your team to make it happen.

7. Show You Better Ways To Manage Your Time, Energy & Attention (TEA)

Learn the new metrics of high performance and the tools and techniques leading organizations are using to manage time, energy and attention. Where are you pouring your TEA?

What We Believe

We are for the increase of abundant life, work and play. We operate on a culture of thrivalism and prosperity. We believe that growth starts with reconnecting with a state of appreciation, possibility, and creativity. The engines of our growth are part art, part science, part business, and all heart.

We believe Heroes are MADE not born. By that, we mean that they are forged from conflict, they start as novices, and commit themselves to Mastery, Abundance, Discernment and Exploration. And this is at the core of Heroik culture. We believe anyone can pursue this path if they so choose.

What We Really Do

We build, iron, hem,  CAPEs for a living. Seriously.  We work to bring Character, Alignment, Purpose and Energy to brands, leaders and teams. We use our unique lens & multidisciplinary methods to build, refine and advance communities, cultures, experiences and ideas that focus on the powers of TLC (Technology, Leadership and Culture).We defy and disrupt industries, attitudes, and models that rely heavily on fear and scarcity. We provide them with better ways of working, thinking, and enjoying life, work and business. We help them transform. We make them Heroik.


Get Heroik is the official culture site of the Heroik brand. Created in 2008 by Heroik Media, this site is a collaboratory dedicated to sharing all things Heroik; tools, resources, projects, relevant news for growth minded professionals. The Heroik Team consists of collaborators from all over the world. We share a thirst for personal and professional growth, achievement, exploration, leadership and authenticity. And we collaborate together in personal, professional and innovative efforts that improve our lives and communities.

If you’d like to get involved in a Heroik project, feel free to reach out to our CXO, Nicholas McGill at nmcgill@getheroik.com. – He’s a real human and will write you back. Revolutionary right?